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Patreon: Cause I Can't Do It Alone

My GoFundMe was to physically get me to Grad School, but then what? As the goals get more ambitious and the projects gear towards longer term impact, I am thinking of ways to sustain my art and organizing practice. I do this work with and for people. Community is embedded in the process, informing or directly touching every step, including this one. To do this work takes money, energy, time, sacrifice. I try to offer stipends to people who offer their expertise and ownership whenever I can. If you believe in this work, and me as the organizer of it, please consider monthly giving: starting at just $1! (haha sounds like a tv ad). Become a part of the community funding.

Asking for money is weird. But there’s no way I can do this work alone. There are different tiers of giving to make it clear how you keep the effort going.

This is also a way to stay engaged. The more you buy-in, the more exclusives and process you get to see and weigh in on! There will be at least once monthly blog posts (for everyone, funder or not) with thank yous, art giveaways, video artist talk backs, and more.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve this process. Like I said, I can’t, and have no interest in, doing it alone.

<3 B