artist + organizer

Black Girl Telephone

Hello? Black Womxn? It’s For you…

BLACK GIRL TELEPHONE is a new creative organizing project that
1) exhibits messages from Black Womxn to Black Womxn in public spaces.
2) organizes gatherings, SHOW UPS, for Black Womxn to CREATE together and SHOW OUTS to showcase the work.
3) serves as a connector and catalyst for meaningful collaborations.
This is community- resourced, interdependent thriving in the ongoing legacy of Black Women getting it done… but this time: for each other.

Black Women are always busy saving the world while saving themselves from the neglect of the world. What would happen if their ideas and talents were proactively connected by a support system so they could collaboratively pursue + affirm their deferred creative dreams? BGT aims to remove the barrier of time, inhibition, and do-it-alone energy to show of and make space for more Black girl magic, care, and connection.