artist + organizer


Photos from Kentucky center for the arts. 4-24-28.18


Mixed Media Interactive Installation
27 x 19 x 8 ft

Plant, Nurture, and Harvest. Wisdom takes root through sharing in a cycle of constant giving and receiving, reflecting and understanding. To ignore our soft spots– our delicate, sensitive, calling truths and experiences– is to ignore the birth place of growth and wisdom.
Many spiritual practices speak on feminine traits for healing, balance, understanding, and redemption. In a culture where we schedule self care, here, find an Oasis alive with the wisdom of listening and returning to ourselves and each other. Speak to and from the softness. 

The wisdom of Oasis was collected from hundreds of people with these three prompts.

What is something your mind or body has been trying to tell you that you've been ignoring or putting off?

What is the best advice you received when you truly made yourself vulnerable to it?

Speak to your softness...