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Parkland Love History Project

Parkland Love: A Neighborhood History

Absolute honor, being the artist for the Parkland neighborhood’s Parkland Love History Project in connection to efforts by their Neighborhoods Association’s work with Center For Neighborhoods Better Block and PAINT programs. All content and direction was a community leadership, business, and volunteer effort. I just worked on making their vision a reality in the best way I could.

I created a 12 page booklet full of history up to the Race Riot as a start and 5 banner posters to show what each site used to be and look like back in the day. One of Parkland’s biggest wants for this work was to record their history in a shareable, beautiful, accessible way since folks don’t talk or know about how rich it is much anymore.

Predominantly Black, in West Louisville, used to be a center for commerce AND homesteading AND a thriving Little Africa. It’s now a protected historic area. Parkland is also the home of the GOAT Muhammad Ali! 

Read full book and see posters below.
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