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The Divided States of americans

Louisville Metro Hall

The Divided States of Americans 1.png

May 15 , 2018 — TBD
527 W Jefferson St

The Divided States of Americans giving voice and visibility to the marginalized in Louisville's local government center.

Parkland Love history project

Book is live and banners are now up and around 28th and Dumesnil St in Louisville, KY. More info on the project page. Go to Menu > Work > Parkland History Project.


Mental Misconceptions

This one is close to the heart and maybe the most vulnerable I’ve been in sharing myself in my work in the last few years. In this group exhibtion, I am revisiting the work that made me become an artist in the first place and doing a collaboration with an amazing creative, Tammy Richardson of Glass Eye to push and connect to how I’m making work now and to facilitate a healthy, and honest, experience around the topic of mental health and suicide.



Friday May 17th

5-7pm in Schneider Hall at University of Louisville