Radically Vulnerable Art


Meet 2018 Firestarter Award Winner, Brianna Harlan! Harlan's main artform is multidisciplinary, socially engaged art which that around the topics radical vulnerability, identity, social constructs and cultures, oppression/self suppression.
Full Title: "Confronting Gender: Seeing, Hearing & Valuing the Feminine" Brianna Harlan is a mixed media artist who creates Radically Vulnerable art to invite transformational dialogue. Themes of her work include identity, social/cultural dynamics, intimacy, oppression, and self suppression. She was selected for the inaugural class of the Creative Capital and Community Foundation of Louisville's fellowship program, Hadley Creatives.
Brianna Harlan, a mixed media artist who explores identity-based experience through radically vulnerable art to invite transformative dialogue. You're invited to participate in an art installation, created by Brianna Harlan, that shares the wisdom of the Festival of Faiths community. Contribute to the installation by thoughtfully answering two questions.
February 2019 - Public art grants will be available for new work around addressing discrimination like Brianna Harlan's pieces in Metro Hall. Learn more at www.louisvilleky.gov!
A Festival of Faith's SHORT on artist, Brianna Harlan's art practice.