Radically Vulnerable Art

Social Practice Queens application material 

Social Practice Queens application material 

work samples and project descriptions at BriannaHarlan.com/work

  • current resume

  • personal statement indicating area of concentration

  • names and titles of your three professional references:

    • Ayelet Aldouby, Curator, Residency Unlimited and Ideas xLab

    • Rick Lostutter, Professor of Art and Design, Hanover College

    • Julia Youngblood, Director of ArtsReach, Kentucky Center for the Arts


What the dark knows

Photography | 12 x 18 inches 

A reference to both the common, antagonizing joke that Black people are hard to see in photos and to the dark shadow that is cast over Black history, What the Dark Knows is the beginning of an ongoing series giving light to the tension and beauty that is found in the form and energy of Black people and Black narrative. 

With model chosen elements that make them feel the most confident, beautiful, and joyful in their skin, the energy of the model provides an authentic narrative, put in context by the darkness surrounding them. 


Mixed Media Interactive Installation
27 x 19 x 8 ft

An installation of reflection, listening, and healing for an interfaith festival.

The wisdom of Oasis was collected from hundreds of people with these three prompts.
What is something your mind or body has been trying to tell you that you've been ignoring or putting off?
What is the best advice you received when you truly made yourself vulnerable to it?
Speak to your softness...

The Divided States of Americans

Graphic Art | 16 x 20 inches | 5 Posters
“I am not what you think I am. You are what you think I am.”
The current, divisive political climate is causing increased self-awareness, especially among millennials who have been called a generation for activism, and marginalized groups. As false stereotypes are used to fulfill harmful political agenda, everyone’s realities are influenced. We are encouraged to draw lines, determine the worth of humanity, and demonize differences. The Divided States of Americans attempts in red, white, and blue—mirroring propaganda posters—to advocate for a different message: get a little closer to one another to see the greatness of diverse identity.  

Each Poster has "They Say" statements on the left vs "I am" Statements on the right.

Glass Houses

24 x 36 inches
Digital Manipulation and Collage. Prints.
To be transparent about taboo and challenging topics.


Photography, Installation | 100 Photos of 100 Strangers, Grid Installation in 4 x 25 | Each photo 5.18 x 4.27 inches |

Text inside stating person's biggest insecurity and biggest strength
In the day-to-day rush of our own lives it can be easy to forget that there are so many other lives playing out around us. Using the instant- one chance for the final photo- method of a Polaroid, this piece works to capture some authenticity of the people we pass by everyday but never interact with. In using a grid display, it also hints on the compartmentalizing we use to make sense of others and ourselves. This is an attempt to peel back the first layer of what is seen and encourage people to- not break through the boxes- but recognize them and begin to unfold themselves and the people around them.


Smoketown Heros+ Sheros

Social/Environmental Justice comic book co-created with meyzeek middle school, organized by ideas xlab.

From Ideas XLab: http://www.ideasxlab.com/heroshero-journeys/
"Hero+Shero Journeys is a series of artist engagements organized and supported by IDEAS xLab to raise student awareness of environmental justice health issues using arts and culture strategies. Brianna Harlan produced the Smoketown Hero+Sheros Comic Book and co-created the storyline and character designs with students."

Brianna taught and facilitated community organizing and civic engagement activities and processes to group design and produce comic book material-- images and story line.